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Z Files: Ohio Scores Big On National Signing Day

Posted: Updated: Feb 6, 2013 03:43 PM

Ohio gave America football, and on Wednesday, America gave back.

Actually, Urban Meyer went out there and took it back, when he landed one of the top classes, if not THE top class, in the country.

Some critics argue that National Signing Day is the most overrated day in sports.

Not if your Meyer, and you kept some top talent in-state, while hitting the South hard, and put your Buckeyes in great position to make a title run in 2013.

If that doesn't get you excited about this day, then the kids in your own backyard who are moving on to bigger things should.

Once again, Glenville put 10 athletes in position to advance to college, including Christopher Worley, who will play linebacker at OSU.

The list of local kids coming out of Ohio to play major college football is long, as always.

It reminds us that, while Florida and Texas and Georgia and California can all boast of five-star recruits, Ohio can hang with any state. And rightfully so. After all, it is Ohio's game.


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