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Editorial: Privatize the West Side Market

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West Side Market damaged after fire West Side Market damaged after fire
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The venerable west side market is cleaning up from a fire, which while small, is costing the city of Cleveland hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. What caused the fire or where the security guard was that night remains a mystery.  

The incident reminds us of just how important the market is to the people who live here but also re-invites the question of why the market is still owned and operated by city government which is liable for the costs of losses like this fire and which has shown thus far that it has no business in the market business.               

For years, vendors and customers have complained about the bathrooms, the plumbing and the parking.  And then there are the abbreviated hours with the market open only four days a week.  

And it doesn't cost much to be a vendor at the market—only a few hundred dollars a month and you're in business.  And while that's a nice deal for the vendors, it is not such a great deal for the city or its taxpayers.

It's time now for the west side market to be privatized---managed and operated as a business.  Everyone would benefit… the city, the market and its customers.   

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address.

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