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Editorial Response: Cathy Lombardo

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(WOIO) -

I am Cathy Lombardo responding to Bill Applegate's criticism of freedom of speech editorial.

I am amazed at the unwillingness of people today to take an unbiased look at what is happening to our personal freedom of speech.

Certain segments of society are heralded as champions of their special interest groups for speaking their opinions even when unsound or intentionally hurtful. Yet, when individuals simply voice their personal opinion, there is an outcry to silence them.

Every citizen- and even more importantly - the media, must support and champion the right of Americans to personally speak one's mind.  This applies as well to the powerful tools of social media.  A passive statement about what one thinks of a particular social issue will often generate the kind of discussion and analysis that leads to enlightenment and social progress.

We will become sheep led to the slaughter if fear of government retaliation or social censorship prohibits personal voicing of our opinions, especially if we are dissenting from a popular idea.

Thank you.

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