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Weeden welcomes competition

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The Browns new regime has had plenty of chances to confirm Brandon Weeden as the starting quarterback in 2013, but has yet to do it.  This, apparently, hasn't fazed Weeden.

Speaking at an appearance in Oklahoma on Friday, Weeden said he expects to have competition for the job, and even said it'll be fun to compete and win it.

"I expect competition. That's the way professional sports are. Unless you're Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or these guys, you might as well expect for somebody to try to come take your job," Weeden told the Associated Press. "We're talking about a multibillion-dollar corporation, essentially. There's going to be changes. Obviously, we've already seen some. But there's going to be competition. The guys that drafted me are no longer there, so I fully expect there to be competition. I would want competition. I want to go into camp and compete. If I had won 10 or 11 games last year, that may not be the case, but we weren't able to get that done."

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