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Why Browns Should Stick With Weeden...For Now

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NFL Free Agents will hit the market on March 12th, and unless some team swings a deal for him, 49'ers quarterback Alex Smith is eventually going to be on that list...no way the 49'ers are going to pay him $7.5 mil to back up Colin Kaepernick. So, a lot of browns fans, already screaming to bring him here.

There's a lot to like with Alex Smith. The past two seasons, he really put it together, and even with 7 years of NFL experience, he's still a year younger than Brandon Weeden. Still, compare their numbers, and go from there.

In Alex's second year, 2006, which was his first full season, he worked with Norv Turner, and threw for 2,890 yards, 16 td's, 16 picks...and a mediocre 74.8 rating.

Compare that to Weeden's first full season (actually 15 games). Brandon, in a system not exactly tailored to his skill-set, threw for 3,385 yards...14 td's, 17 picks, and a mediocre 72.6 rating.

My point? Give Weeden a year in Chud's offense, working with Norv. I think you'll see a dramatic jump.

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