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Reaction: The economy and the State of the Union

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At Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland Heights, there's a steady stream of customers.

Business fluctuates season to season, but generally speaking, workers here say things are good.

"We serve quality food, good products and it's places like Phoenix Coffee that can make Cleveland better.  People know you can go anywhere and I think people know that small businesses, small restaurants in Cleveland are something to write home about," said David Rinicella.

In Cleveland and all across the country, millions are still searching for jobs.

Carlye Bellamy graduated from college nine months ago and currently works for a non-profit company in education.  She found work a lot faster than some of her friends.

"It was easier for me I think because I was willing to do volunteer work or an internship and some people wanted to just jump right into work.  They had a much more difficult time. Some of my friends still don't have jobs that I was in school with last year," said Bellamy.

Local business leaders like Marc Stefanski, the chairman and CEO of Third Federal Savings and Loan, see more and more positive signs.

"There's many small businesses that have started up that are doing well.  Of course, all the banks and the banking industry, they're making more money than ever before which is very, very healthy and that means creation of jobs--and jobs will be a key to our future," said Stefanski.

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