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Thoughts on Kyrie: Can the Cavs keep him?

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Cleveland (WOIO) - Kyrie Irving is a special player. The obvious comeback to that statement is, well, he should be, considering he was the # 1 pick in the draft. But there are no guarantees in life, nor in the NBA, even when it comes to # 1 picks (see: Kwame Brown, Andrew Bogut, and thanks to injuries, Greg Oden, to name a few).

The fact is, the Cavaliers struck gold again when they landed Kyrie, as they had done eight years before with another teenager, from Akron. The question now is, will Kyrie and LeBron have more in common down the road, either as teammates, or former Cavs?

Kyrie signed a four year deal with the Cavs, with a team option for a fifth year.  He's not going anywhere for awhile, but...there are some who are already concerned that once that deal is up, he too will seek his next deal elsewhere. There are also those who are already lobbying for the sure-fire way to prevent such a departure: bring back LeBron, and complete the Cavs' long-awaited run to an NBA title.

My thoughts on LeBron coming back to Cleveland are well-documented. I don't want it, for a few reasons. But there are other ways to keep Irving in Wine and Gold. Add another All-Star to an already talented young core. It hasn't been easy bringing free agents to Cleveland, but the list of players who'd love to play alongside Kyrie will be long. He's one of the best point guards in the Eastern Conference already, on his way to his first All-Star game, and he won't even turn 20 until next month.

They're also loaded with draft picks, and are expected to make yet another move before next week's deadline, as they continue to stockpile for the future.

Me? I'm not going to worry about another "decision", especially when it's a few years away.  I'm going to enjoy watching a remarkably talented player work his wonders for the Cavaliers. And silently hope that Dan Gilbert is already putting together a plan to make sure this one doesn't leave the Cavs, and Cleveland, hanging someday.

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