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Is Kyrie the best point guard in the NBA?

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Cleveland (WOIO) - Kyrie Irving isn't the best point guard in the NBA...yet....but he's well on his way. The rest of the NBA found that out firsthand during the All-Star festivities, as Kyrie clearly stole the show, and I'm talking Friday through Sunday.

So who's ahead of Kyrie at this point? Chris Paul. The Clippers guard, and All-Star game MVP, isn't the scorer that Irving is, throwing down 16.6 per game (compared to Kyrie's 23.5), but on his team, he doesn't have to be, and he's incredibly creative at finding his teammates, and racking up 9.6 assists per game.

Then there's Derrick Rose, the Bulls guard, who hasn't played since tearing his ACL last May. You can't lose your position to injury (unless you're Alex Smith), and you can't lose your spot on my Top Point Guards list to injury. will be interesting to see how strongly Rose comes back.

Bottom line, Kyrie, at 20, is already in the top 3. And Paul and Rose shouldn't look back, because somebody's definitely on them.

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