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Christmas lights upset Elyria neighbors, months after the holiday

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15th Street, Elyria 15th Street, Elyria

Some people in one Elyria neighborhood are upset about a Christmas light display.

Not that it's too bright and too loud, but because it's way passed the holiday season!

Rosemarie O'Neal, who lives on 15th Street, was surprised to find a note in her mailbox from a neighbor about her lights, which are still displayed on her home. 

The note suggested she take the lights down, because neighbors were tired of seeing them up so long.

"And it said don't make me tell you again and it used the N word," said Rosemarie O'Neal. "I was confused, scared. I couldn't believe that people could be that mean. I mean come on they're just Christmas lights."

O'Neal says she felt threatened, and took the note to police. She told police she had no known issues with her neighbors, and is not sure who could have written the note.

"I didn't mean to offend anybody. This was just my way of saying, you know, with all the negative things in the world, I'm going to appreciate what I have. I'm going to appreciate what God has given me," said O'Neal.

Rosemarie also told 19 Action News that she's never kept her Christmas lights up this long and was planning to take them down in March, when the weather is a little warmer.

Police were informed of one potential suspect who had recently been kicked out of the woman's house for using drugs.

An investigation is underway.

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