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Community concerned over pothole

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Residents are concerned about this patch of roadway Residents are concerned about this patch of roadway

If you stop for just a second, you can hear the sound of broken concrete that has Kimberly Brown worried.  She says a hole near the intersection of Lee and Harvard Roads is getting bigger and could be on the brink of creating a disaster.

"If it's hit really hard, this piece will actually stretch across the road which will cause a huge man cave and a fatality will happen. We want the city of Cleveland out here today," says Kimberly Brown.

Brown says she and her neighborhood watch group were out canvassing the Ward where she says she's running for council person, when someone noticed the hole. Brown says the water department came out and agreed that this could become dangerous if the concrete caves, but no one could do anything until Monday - something about a chain of command problem.

"The water department could not overstep their boundaries when it comes to street issues, so they would have to notify a supervisor and wake them up to make sure it was okay to put a steel plate out. So apparently that didn't happen last night," added Brown.

There are some cones set out on the sidewalk, but not in a place where it would stop a motorist or a pedestrian from hitting the hole.

People in the neighborhood say it's all just all just a holy mess.

"It's definitely a safety concern," says Shamiko Harmon, who tries to avoid the disturbance in the concrete every day.

"It probably will sink, but if somebody gets hurt, will the city pay?" added another man from the neighborhood.  He said the hole had been there since September.

Kimberly Brown says she'll make sure something is done.

"It gets deeper and deeper every time someone hits the concrete. They better hope nothing happens in this community. They better pray nothing happens to where a fatality happens tonight or tomorrow."

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