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Protest over Sandusky police officer who fatally shot dog

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Protest in Sandusky Protest in Sandusky

Animal lovers protested Wednesday after a police officer shot a dog who allegedly charged a mailman.

It comes as that dog's owner went to court to plead not guilty for letting the animal run loose in the first place.

About 30 protestors gathered outside Sandusky Municipal Court wearing shirts that said 'I Loved Lucy.'

Lucy was no stranger to Sandusky Police. They'd been there on complaints five times and cited Donna Hansen for a loose dog less than a year ago.

"He didn't even take the time to catch her or nothing. He just shot her and it's wrong," said Donna Hansen.

But that's not entirely true. The dog shooting incident was caught on tape and part of the video shows the officer first trying to coax Lucy into his back seat, and using a snare to try and catch the dog.

"The dog went off around the corner. It wasn't his job to shoot the dog," said Hansen. "His job is to go home to his family at the end of the day."

At one point Police Chief Jim Lang had to calm things down. The chief says the officer acted properly.

"He felt he had no choice but to put the animal down it's a very unfortunate situation," said Police Chief Jim Lang.

In court Hansen plead not guilty, but the judge noted that her dog had never had a license as the law demands, and still had $77 left on her previous fine.

"If you may not afford to get a license you may not necessarily want to own a dog," said Judge Erich J. O'Brien.

A lesson in responsible pet ownership could have prevented all this.

Something Judge O'Brien took particular note of was that less than a year ago Donna Hansen was in front of him after another officer felt threatened by Lucy running loose at the house.

He pulled his gun but didn't fire.

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