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CBS Soap Opera Recap: April 23

Young and the Restless 

Ian has interesting news for Dylan.  Later, Avery and Dylan are unnerved by a certain comment about her web series. 

Victor gets the rug pulled out from under him.

Paul is worried about Leslie defending Ian. Later, Christine admits a secret to Paul.

Things heat up between Courtney and Noah.


The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam sets the stage for a romantic dinner with Hope.  Her future with both Liam and Wyatt hinges on her willingness to show up at his house.  Wyatt tells Quinn to relax when she voices her concern that Liam is winning Hope back. Brooke, Rick, Eric, Carter and Maya prepare for a Forrester board meeting. Shocked reactions occur when Oliver states that Aly would be the
perfect woman to carry a Forrester family tradition forward. Oliver and Aly show strong feelings for each other than no one else notices. Hope tells Wyatt about Liam's ultimatum.

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