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America's Pastime? Football, Of Course!

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Cleveland (WOIO) - It's no secret that football has become America's Pastime. Check your local listings. It's all NFL, all the time (okay, a few interruptions to talk about LeBron, but then it's right back to football for the worldwide leader). Baseball lost the title years ago. I write this on March 5th, I have to wonder: how much is too much?

The confetti from the Super Bowl hasn't even hit the ground yet, and we start talking about free agents. And the draft. And training camp. The NFL schedule literally never ends.

In our town, that means the Indians and Cavaliers (not to mention the Monsters, Zips, Flashes, Vikings, etc.) consistently take a back seat. Sure, the Tribe stole the headlines a few times this offseason, with some tremendous moves, but then the dust settles, and we find ourselves talking about a 3-4 hybrid again, or a Weeden vs. somebody competition.

It's too bad, really, because as much as I appreciate the fact that football originated here in Northeast Ohio, and that the Browns are king, I have to believe there's an audience out there, craving more, wanting, dare I say it, other sports.

I'd write more, but I gotta go. It's almost time for Ohio State's Spring Game!


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