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Day 3: Problems at the picket line, no new talks set

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Strongsville teachers strike signs Strongsville teachers strike signs
Center Middle School, Strongsville, OH Center Middle School, Strongsville, OH

Day three of the teachers's strike in Strongsville began with a picketer's arrest who was charged with disorderly conduct and ended with a meeting that accomplished nothing.

In addition to the mediator, in attendance at Wednesday night's meeting in Independence were two people from each side: the Strongsville Schools Superintendent and their lawyer and Tracy Linscott, the President of the Strongsville Education Association and their attorney.

Linscott told 19 Action News that this was a meeting to feel things out and she feels there was no progress. 

After the meeting the superintendent stated that they are no closer to a deal than they were before the meeting and the district is not accepting the counteroffer the SEA gave them on Saturday.

The meeting lasted for about an hour-and-a-half.

Meantime, teachers on the picket line may interpret honking horns as a sign of support when they could really be a form of protest from parents who don't support the teacher's work stoppage.

"I think it is awful that the teachers are on strike. I think they make enough money," stated one angry parent.

Teachers have been without a contract since the old one expired last summer and one of the issues is pay.

The average teacher's salary in Strongsville is $64,540 dollars a year.

Parents also accuse teachers of using their students as pawns in their battle for a new contract that includes more pay.

Both teachers and district representatives say they are ready for more talks but so far nobody has made the first move.

As of Wednesday night there is nothing further scheduled at this time, no meetings nor negotiations.

The teachers will be back on the picket lines Thursday.

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