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Injured or hurt? Big difference...

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Cleveland (WOIO) - Kyrie Irving's in pain, but says he can't do further damage to his right knee by playing, so he'll continue to play. The Cavs' all-star, who hyperextended the knee a couple of weeks ago, and missed three games as a result last week, made it clear after Wednesday's win over the Jazz that he wouldn't shut it down, saying "the only way it's going to get better is if I sit out for the rest of the season, and I'm not doing that, so...". And that's the mentality you want from your leader. So, the decision can't be up to him.

It isn't. Byron Scott followed up Kyrie's comments the next day, saying the Cavs would certainly consider shutting Irving down, if there's a chance of further damage. But Scott has about as much medical training as Irving, which is none, so of course they turned to Max Benton, the head trainer. And the decision, for now? Kyrie will continue to play.

That's the difference between being hurt, and being injured. A lot of guys in the league are hurt by this point in the season, and continue to grind it out. But injured? Injured, you shut it down.

The Cavaliers are certainly smart enough to understand the present, and not mess with the future. They're not going anywhere in 2013. The playoffs (playoffs??!!...where's Jim Mora when you need him?) were never a possibility this season. But the future? The future is bright, with a cornerstone like Kyrie. But more than that, the Cavaliers wouldn't send an injured player back out there, whether he's an All-Star, or the 12th man on the bench.

So Kyrie will deal with the soreness, and continue to play. Judging by his fourth-quarter performance against the Jazz, it obviously isn't going to slow him down.


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