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Spring is in bloom indoors at your local nursery

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Petitti's Garden Center Petitti's Garden Center
Petitti's Garden Center Petitti's Garden Center

Pink orchids, white and pink lilies and periwinkle hydrangeas are some of the most cheerful signs of Spring.

Even if you're not feeling warm and fuzzy about the cold winter-like weather now, what you see inside Petitti's Home and Garden Center in Strongsville will help you escape to the reality that spring really is here.

''I'm like so over this compared to last year. I would be nice to get out, but we're going to be delayed for much before we can get out," says Mike Primiano of Seven Hills.

A.J. Petitti says this is weather that's better suited for your greenery. Better be cold now than warm up and get cold again later.

"This year's been a whole lot more normal. A little bit cooler, but evenly cooler all the way through. We just have to be patient and wait it out," he says. 

But there are things you can be doing right now to get ready for the warmer temps on the way. It's time to spring clean outdoors.

"Any perennials you didn't cut back in the Fall, any mums you didn't cut back, any kale still around. Your pots, you can start cleaning them out. Just start getting prepared for the season to come up," adds Petitti.

Fertilize and get ready to seed your lawn. 

One of the things that's hot this year is fruit gardening.  Vegetable gardening is huge too.

"Really taking more of your home out there on the patio. The furniture that's out there now, the quality of it is similar to what you have inside your home," says Petitti, "Water gardening came back. Having fountains, having stuff with motion back there."

Your best bet while it's cold out: head indoors to a place like Petitti's before the crowds do. You'll get much more one on one attention with a professional now.

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