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911 call after fight at Trent Richardson home; Caller with an attitude

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19 Action News has obtained the 911 call from two woman saying they were attacked at the home of Browns star Trent Richardson, and it's filled with foul language, attitude, and even a call for news coverage.

Krystal Jones and Kathleen Hunter have filed a lawsuit against Richardson, his girlfriend, his brother, and others. The women say, in December, Richardson ordered others to attack them.

In police reports, Richardson describes Jones as a troublemaker causing a "commotion", not a victim. 

In the 911 call,  Jones first told a dispatcher: "We just got jumped. My eye's bleeding. Can't even see going home."

But she can't tell the dispatcher where she is. Yet she does know she'd been at the home of Trent Richardson, and she wants this on the news.

DISPATCHER: "OK I need to know what address you're at."
JONES: "Trent Richardson."
DISPATCHER:"What's his address?"
JONES: "I need 19 Action News right down here."
DISPATCHER: "Ma'am 911 is not your news connection."
JONES: "Well, you need to get somebody f---- out here. We can't even f--- see."

Even as the dispatcher continued to ask questions she got more attitude.

DISPATCHER: "Why'd you go over to the house?"
JONES: "Is the police coming, or not?"

The women say Trent Richardson even damaged their car but we've obtained police reports showing he says he did that when the car came at him.

No criminal charges were ever filed.

Lorain County sheriff's deputies handled the case, and they had trouble getting follow-up statements from the women.

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