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Editorial: The air show is victim of politics

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Well, it should come as no surprise that Cleveland's Annual Labor Day Air Show is now the victim of the dreaded federal budget cuts known as "the sequester". 

The feds have grounded the air force thunderbirds and the navy blue angels jet team, and without them, organizers say… there's no show. 

So far…about thirty similar air shows have been canceled nationwide as the Obama administration looks for the most visible ways it can find to make those budget cuts unpopular.

Now let's not be silly.  The administration, if it wanted to, could find all kinds of budget cuts other than those programs that are popular with the people.

I mean, you don't see them furloughing a bunch of IRS agents. No, the whole idea is to punish ordinary citizens so they might force republicans to go along with the president's plan to raise taxes yet again. 

It's a cynical strategy that puts politics ahead of people. 

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address.

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