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TRIBE TIME! Cleveland fans finally fired up

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The Indians are ready to open up another baseball season and for a change, the Tribe seems to have grabbed the attention of local sports fans.  The Indians collapsed last season, but rebounded with one of the best off-seasons fans can remember.

Season ticket sales are up, and so are individual single game ticket sales.  The remaking of the Tribe began when two time World Series champion Terry Francona agreed to become the new manager of the ball club.  The Indians then made some high profile, big money signings, most notably right fielder Nick Swisher and center fielder Michael Bourn.

"I think it's going to be money well spent. I think they'll finish right at the top of the division and keep pace with the White Sox and Tigers, they're the guys they're chasing, but hopefully they'll get it done this year," said Tribe fan Kyle Kleinedler.

Tribe fans are hopeful that the revamped offense will, at the very least, make this an interesting team to watch. 

"Everybody's healthy, they got rid of the dead weight, the guys who were constantly hurt, so hopefully they'll do well," said fan Jeff Wesie.

There's optimism for this season and it is justified.  The Indians, as long as they stay healthy, should be able to put a very good Major League offense on the field every night.  The big concern is the starting pitching, so some fans are taking a wait and see attitude.

"With these new guys I don't know what to expect, so I am going to have to sit down and watch and learn who these guys are, and if they get going I'll be watching all the time," said cautiously optimistic Tribe fan Michael Pope.

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