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Headhunting in baseball? Unacceptable

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Cleveland (WOIO) - I've never understood why a pitcher drills an opposing player, after giving up a home run to the previous player. Not that I'm against baseball justice. There is a time and a place for that, but this isn't it. The pitcher is the one who screwed up, not the opponent. So retaliating by hitting one of his teammates is lame. And Carlos Carrasco was at it again on Tuesday night.

You gotta remember, Carrasco had just returned from serving a 5-game suspension for doing this very thing back in July of 2011, when he went after Kansas City's Billy Butler following a Royals home run (Carrasco would have served the suspension in 2012, but missed the season while recovering from Tommy John surgery).

Anyway, back to Tuesday's incident. After Robinson Cano took Carrasco deep for a two-run bomb in the fourth, Carlos answered by drilling Kevin Youkilis. Carrasco was tossed, and could be looking at another suspension.

The Indians need more pitchers, not less, and despite Carrasco's struggles on Tuesday, they can't afford to be without him again. His selfish act may have decided that for them.


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