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Off-duty cop not allowed in school with gun: May lead to change

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Officer Jeff Follmer Officer Jeff Follmer

19 Action News has learned an off-duty Cleveland police officer got stopped at the door of a high school because he had a gun. And now the incident may lead to changes.

It happened last month at Max Hayes High School.

A veteran police officer went there for a parent-teacher conference. He wrote to the head of security for Cleveland Schools to complain because of what he says happened next.

He says he wasn't allowed in with his gun even though he had his badge. He wrote he's "received special training to enter schools if there is an active shooter and stop the rampage." He added,  he felt "useless and helpless."

"Even when the uniform comes off, I'm still a police officer," he wrote.

We've seen guns in Cleveland schools, and of course, school shootings here and nationwide.

The school district tells 19 Action News, as a result of this incident, the head of the security and other Cleveland School administrators are working on a policy that would allow off-duty officers to carry their guns in schools.

The police union says what happened at Max Hayes has happened at other Cleveland schools before.

"I think that's crazy. If we're off duty as soon as something happens, we're on duty. We do this every day. We're trained to react in close quarters, if there are lots of people around, and we're better trained than the guards in the schools right now," said Jeff Follmer.

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