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Should the Browns draft QB Geno Smith?

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Cleveland (WOIO) - The Browns braintrust headed down to Miami this week, to watch Geno Smith hold his private workout. Wise move. It never hurts to look, especially when it's a quarterback as intriguing as Smith. That said, we're two weeks away from the NFL Draft, and nobody's really sure where exactly the West Virginia quarterback will land. Will he be the first QB taken? As of today (Thursday), Mel Kiper and other draft experts are starting to project that the Browns may actually pull the trigger on this and take the former Mountaineer, but that could be based on information leaked out of, you guessed it, Berea, in hopes of building up value for that 6th overall pick.

Others believe Ryan Nassib, the Syracuse quarterback, will go before Smith, especially if the Bills, with former Syracuse coach Doug Marrone now in charge, come a'calling.

The fact is, it's nothing like 2012, when Andrew Luck and RG3 were 1 and 2 long before the TV lights went on at Radio City Music Hall. There are no "sure things" in this draft, at least when it comes to quarterback. And that's why I believe the Browns should pass. No pun intended.

I've made it clear. If I'm doing the drafting, and Dee Milliner, the Alabama cornerback, is still on the board when the 6th pick rolls around, that's my guy. If he's gone, I'm all for a Mountaineer, but not Smith. Tavon Austin, the wide receiver.

Nothing against Smith, who certainly put up the numbers in Morgantown, topping 4,000 yards his last two seasons, and showing the ability to take over a game. But if the Browns, and most other teams, aren't sold on him, why make that call? Why replace Brandon Weeden, a guy they're not sure about, with another guy they're not sure about, especially at #6.

It's somewhat telling that other teams that did need quarterbacks, including the Bills, Raiders and Cardinals, chose to go after veterans like Kolb, Flynn and Palmer. That doesn't mean they'll pass on Smith, but let's face it, if you're taking a quarterback in Round One, especially the top half of Round One, he's your guy. And if you've just invested in a veteran quarterback instead, two weeks before the draft, well, then he's your guy.

We'll know soon enough. Right now, nobody knows. And with the 6th overall pick, I need more than that.


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