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First responders trained for tragedies

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First responders First responders

They are the people who put their lives on the line to try to save others and their quick response in the Boston bombing made a difference.

"They moved a lot of patients. They took care of them. They moved the critically ill. They probably saved a lot of lives. I thought it was quite remarkable what they did yesterday," says Parma firefighter Doug Turner.

Turner says when rescuers are faced with a chaotic scene their training kicks in.

"On the scene we do what we're trained to do and that's treat the injured and try to save as many lives as we can," explains Turner.

But even with that training it's difficult to take in what they witnessed. It's the after that responders are also faced with, dealing with what happened including casualties.

"Afterwards it hits you. We sit around the station and talk about some of the stuff that happens. A lot of times it's hard to talk about the afterwards," says Turner.

Turner says there are other heroes who helped out in the attack, not just the first responders, but, people on the street who jumped in to help. They too made a difference.

"As a citizen though the people who were just using first aide. I thought they did a remarkable job getting as many people out as quickly as they did," explains Turner.

Most cities have a citizen emergency response team class. You can also learn first aide through the American Red Cross.

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