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Offensive home on display in Richmond Heights

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Richmond Heights offensive home Richmond Heights offensive home

Lots of chatter over a yard in a Richmond Heights neighborhood. A guy with a unique take on his art,  that's impossible to miss.

If you didn't know it, there is an art museum here in Richmond Heights along Richmond Road. It's George Setzer's front lawn. At least he calls it a museum but not everyone agrees.

Most of George's art in his front yard is painted pink. A santa painted pink in a pink crib. Crosses dripping blood hanging from a tree and some area's that look like clutter.

"What's it all mean," asked reporter Paul Orlousky.

"For me to give you my opinion is not gonna help you," answered George.

"What do your neighbors say," asked reporter Paul Orlousky.

"Ask em, ask em," answered George.

"When I have a party the people's all come over here looking. Oh, this is so great," said one neighbor.

"I guess it's supposed to be art," said another neighbor.

"It's terrible," screamed another neighbor.

"Oh, I'm into non-violence. I'm into stopping the war," said George.

And by he way, the pink, it's a push for a group at A group trying to move the world away from militarism.

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