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Sizing up the Tribe, one month in...

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Cleveland (WOIO) - Indians manager Terry Francona was asked before the game on Tuesday what kind of team he had. The skipper was taken aback by the question, and answered bluntly "we're a 10-13 baseball team"...before pausing. He then proceeded to break down exactly how and why his team looks great at times, and awful at others.

Naturally, pitching was at the top of his list, because when the top of the rotation holds its own, the Indians always have a shot. But how to explain the absence of hitting one game, and ten runs the next? The Tribe bats have been incredibly inconsistent through the first month, but as they head into May, they've shown signs of exploding. To me, it's not unexpected. Jason Kipnis and Asdrubal Cabrera had to come around and start hitting. Their history shows that. And finally they have, and when they're hitting, the rest of the lineup falls into place.

A lot of people thought I was nuts when I picked the Indians to win 91 games this season. Obviously, the first four weeks didn't exactly support my argument. But if Cabrera and Kipnis hit a groove, and Reynolds keeps crushing it, and Swisher gets healthy (and hot) again, and Santana continues on an All-Star tear...well, I still believe it's going to be a fun summer. And Francona will love the kind of team he has.


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