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Talkin' Tribe...and attendance

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Jacob Corrigan Jacob Corrigan

The Cleveland Indians are dead last in attendance in Major League baseball and it isn't even close. The closest team is Kansas City and the Royals average 4,000 more fans per game than the Tribe.

Two of the worst teams in baseball, Houston and Miami (traditionally not the greatest sports town in terms of attendance), are ahead of the Tribe. The Indians have scored the eighth most runs in baseball and have hit the most amount of home runs. Not to mention Cleveland is on an incredible hot streak, perfectly placed during a lengthy homestand in which they have won ten of their last eleven.

Tribe fans have failed to show up to Progressive Field this year, despite the offseason excitement.

For years Tribe fans have had the same excuses night in and night out as to why they aren't coming out to the park. It boils down to a few repeated excuses. Either the economy is bad, concessions and ticket prices are high, the team sucks, the weather is bad and that ownership is keeping them away because they won't spend money.

Only one of those excuses is valid. That is the weather. And over the last homestand, Tribe fans have not been able to use that excuse. The weather has been amazing in the city of Cleveland, not to mention the winning team on the field.

The Indians have an exciting and fun bunch of players on this team. In the offseason, the ownership spent over $100 million. They signed marquee names in Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn and made some great moves for cheap, signing Mark Reynolds, Ryan Raburn and Scott Kazmir. The Indians slashed concessions prices, changed policies regarding bringing food into the ballpark and offered transportation to the game in an effort to eliminate the excuses of Tribe fans.

Cleveland has become a fair weather baseball town. The team is averaging 14,000 fans per night. Last season, Cleveland fans were second last in the big leagues (19,000).

Week after week, Browns fans fill now First Energy field to watch a losing team. Never do you hear excuses from Browns fans as to why they don't want to go to the game. I understand the season is shorter and there are only 10 times the Browns play in Cleveland, but the point is still true.

Are Indians fans waiting for a team that is a World Series favorite to come? The Indians have gone out of their way to get fans to Progressive Field and it hasn't worked.

I also understand that school is still in session and some people work, but 14,000 on a beautiful night with a winning team and all the factors listed before and nobody shows?

The Indians are a serious contender for a playoff spot in the American League, but you wouldn't know it by the pitiful attendance numbers. The Indians are four games over .500 and on fire right now. It is time Cleveland started taking notice.

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