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Editorial: Police under fire

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It's become a popular sport in Cleveland recently to bash the police.

How could they not have found those three women held hostage for ten years? It's a debate fueled largely by the drive-by national media looking to fill 24-hour news channels. Now city councilman Kevin Conwell says the police "should have tried harder to find Amanda, Gina and Michelle."

It's true , police were called to that house on Seymour Avenue twice. One neighbor said a naked woman was seen crawling in the backyard. Another heard pounding on the doors. Police looked around the house both times but saw and heard nothing.

The Cleveland Police Department isn't perfect. That 137-bullet ending to an excessive police chase six months ago is proof of that. And not connecting the dots to arrest serial murderer Anthony Sowell sooner was a legitimate failure of police work.

But absent any real evidence, it seems unfair to arbitrarily blame the police for these women being held for so long while being so close.

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