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Local Business Anxious about Capt. America Filming

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Businesses on W. 3rd St. Businesses on W. 3rd St.
Businesses on W. 3rd St. Businesses on W. 3rd St.

Smile Cleveland! The focus is on us, starting this week.  Filming for Captain America: Winter Soldier will begin Monday on Rockwell between E. 9th and West Mall and on E. 6th from Superior to St. Clair.

Some businesses are already reaping the rewards like the Horseshoe Casino parking lot on Frankfort and W. 6th.  It was full on a Sunday night, occupied by trailers and semi's full of equipment.

But other downtown businesses fear they'll be left in the wake of all the Hollywood action rather than riding the wave.

"There's going to be limited access but we have no idea when it's going to be limited.  It could be limited access during lunch time which is 11-2, that 75 percent of our business for the day," said Tesh Patel.

Patel owns the Quiznos on a stretch of West 3rd that'll be a filming location for ten precious and profitable week days.  He's told it'll be totally closed for 2-3 days.

"Depending on the weather it could be more or less.  And which two or three days?  We have no idea," he said.

Patel will still have to prep for a normal lunch crowd and staff accordingly, potentially for a loss.

"There's a lot of factors that we can't control.  We're trying to work out a compensation package with the movie people that they would cover some of the losses," he said.

He's offered to cater for the crew to make up the difference, but he still worries about the production company making good on promises to make him whole while they make movie magic.

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