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Norovirus outbreak shuts down 10 local schools

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Edwards Middle School in Brunswick, closed until May 28th due to Norovirus Outbreak Edwards Middle School in Brunswick, closed until May 28th due to Norovirus Outbreak

All elementary and middle schools in the Brunswick City School district are closed for the rest of the week.

The closure is due to norovirus outbreak and officials sent out a phone alert Monday afternoon, to students' homes.

Concerned parent, Chrissy Riser is scrambling to find a babysitter for her 9 year old daughter Luci all because of outbreak.

"I'm worried about her. I've been watching her like a hawk. They said like fevers, diarrhea, all that kind of stuff," says Riser.

The single mom and hundreds of other parents received the message from the Brunswick Schools Superintendent. It says in part "The elementary school and middle school buildings attendance rates have not stabilized due to some additional cases reported of Norovirus."

All 7 elementary schools shut down for at least a week along with all 3 of the middle schools because of the Norovirus commonly known as the stomach flu.

Word is kids returning from a camping trip brought back the bug.

Jonny Thomas is concerned his little one might be getting sick. "She says she has a small headache and she hasn't been feeling well. She's warm to the touch so I'm hoping that she doesn't already have it," says Thomas.

Riser says she'd rather figure out babysitting plans than to have to tend to a child with a nasty virus. "Do you want your kid vomiting and going through this horrible stomach virus, or do you want to be inconvenienced for a few days," added Riser.

In the meantime, the high school remains open.

Officials are telling parents if their child gets the virus not to return to school until 3 days after their last symptoms.

Classes for elementary and middle schools resume Tuesday May 28th.

List of schools affected:

Edwards Middle School
1497 Pearl Rd.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Visintainer Middle School
1459 Pearl Rd.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Willetts Middle School
1045 Hadcock Rd.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Applewood Elementary
3891 Applewood Dr.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Crestview Elementary
300 W. 130thStreet
Brunswick, OH 44212

Hickory Ridge Elementary
4628 Hickory Ridge Dr.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Huntington Elementary
1931 Huntington Circle
Brunswick, OH 44212

Kidder Elementary
3650 Grafton Rd.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Memorial Elementary
3845 Magnolia Dr.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Towslee Elementary
3555 Center Rd.
Brunswick, OH 44212

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