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Editorial: More tourism for Ohio

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Memorial Day is the customary start of the summer travel season and - despite the high cost of gasoline - a lot of folks in northeastern Ohio will still climb into the family jalopy for a road trip.  

Chances are that many of them will travel to Michigan lured there by a very effective ad campaign called "Pure Michigan". You may have seen it. That state has invested aggressively to promote itself to out-of-state tourists and it's paid off.  

A national market research firm estimates that the "Pure Michigan" campaign drew almost four million visitors to that state last year and they spent more than a billion dollars.  

The CEO of Cedar Fair -- which owns Cedar Point and Kings Island amusement parks in Ohio ---thinks Ohio ought to be advertising itself just as robustly, and we agree.

Ohio's advertising is anemic compared to Michigan and the results reflect that. In 2012, Ohio generated half the tourist dollars spent in Michigan. Ohio needs to boost its tourism marketing.   Michigan has proved that it works.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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