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Medical Examiner identifies Good Samaritan killed helping mother, child

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Derricka Jermany holding a picture of her 3-year old son Cameron Derricka Jermany holding a picture of her 3-year old son Cameron

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has identified the Good Samaritan who lost his life trying to help a young mother after she broke down on I-90.

Earl V. Loury, 50, was killed as he and his passenger tried to push Derricka Jermany's car out of traffic on I-90 near East 55th Thursday morning.

"He was trying to help me. He got hit trying to help me, so I feel like it is my fault. I couldn't get out to the side myself so they got out trying to help but he died," says Derricka.

Jermany was in the car with her 3-year-old son Cameron when she broke down.

Loury and his passenger were pushing her car out of the way when another driver slammed into their vehicle. Her car then struck and killed the Good Samaritan.

"I just saw all the pieces go in the air and my car was like boom. He was just laying there and he was dead before the paramedics got there," explains Jermany. 

Jermany says she pulled her son out of her car just moments before the deadly crash. She says the driver was speeding.

"If I hadn't have gotten my son out then he would have gotten hit and killed, too," says Jermany. "My prayers go out to you and I'm sorry for what happened."

Now this distraught mother, who blames herself for the accident, is reaching out to the victim's family and wishes she had the chance to thank him.

Police are still investigating the deadly crash. Jermany says she wants to attend Loury's funeral.

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