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Willoughby police report several black bear sightings

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Source: Wickliffe Police Facebook Source: Wickliffe Police Facebook

Willoughby Police received several reports of a black bear sighting early Monday morning.

The bear was reportedly first spotted inside the shop area of a business on Biltmore Road, located in an industrial area near Beidler Road. The bear was gone by the time an officer arrived.

The bear was also spotted crossing River Street going toward Daniels Park.

On Sunday, the bear was spotted in the area of SR 91 and I-90.

Black Bear sightings in Ohio increase yearly with over 200 in 2012 and increasing numbers in Northeast Ohio. Black Bears are a protected species in Ohio.

Black Bears are generally fearful of people and will avoid contact, which is why they usually do not stray far from wooded areas during the daytime hours. Black Bears are transient and tend to keep moving to new areas so it is unlikely the same bear will be seen repeatedly in the same places. Those encountering a Black Bear are advised to keep their distance, do not try to get close and do not feed or leave out a source of food. Black Bears may become aggressive if cornered or if they have cubs.

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