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ALERT: Consumers claim Westlake travel club took them for a ride

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Complaints have been piling up in Better Business Bureau files about Now or Never Travel, a Westlake business that sold travel club memberships. Over 40 complainants since the beginning of this year report Now or Never Travel has not lived up to promises and owes members tens of thousands of dollars in promised refunds and rebates.

Now or Never Travel first came to BBB's attention in 2011 when it began pitching its travel club membership. Consumers were offered two free airline tickets and a $100 gas voucher to attend sales presentations held at local hotels. During what some complainants described as high pressure sales presentations lasting up to 2 hours, consumers were offered membership in a travel club that, according to company representatives, would save them hundreds of dollars on hotels, airfare, etc. Prices started at $7,000 - $9,000 and were discounted down to as low as $2,000- $3,000 to reluctant buyers who joined on the spot. Initial complaints to BBB indicate the "free" items were not "free" and were only available after paying fees.

More recent complaints on file at BBB state that Now or Never Travel has failed to provide promised "rebates" of $100 for each airfare purchase and 25% on hotel expenses.

Some complainants also told BBB that the business has not honored its promise of a refund of their membership fees if they didn't use the club for one year or requested to cancel for any reason.

Information provided to BBB by Now or Never Travel listed Richard Kenney and Johnathan Robinson as co-owners. The business has not responded to BBB complaints since February, 2013. BBB has referred consumers to the Ohio Attorney General for assistance.

BBB has this advice:

  • Check the company's BBB rating at prior to attending a travel club presentation;
  • Be wary of offers that claim you've won a contest that you did not enter;
  • Be wary of solicitations that fail to disclose the name of the soliciting company;
  • Be wary of sales staff who use high pressure sales tactics or tell you that the offer is only good that day. Ask for a copy of the contract to take home and review before making a decision;
  • Be wary of suspiciously high savings claims that you aren't able to verify prior to making a purchase;
  • Research your right to cancel prior to going to a sales presentation;
  • Leave credit cards at home to avoid the chance of making a hasty purchase before you carefully consider the benefits and costs;
  • Be aware that many of the "free" items you are offered as an incentive to attend a sales presentation have fees attached; and
  • Airlines and cruise lines named in the promotional mailings more than likely have no affiliation with the travel club.

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