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19 Action News Investigation: A second water plant left unguarded

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For the second time in months, 19 Action News has found a gate at a Cleveland Water plant broken, wide open, and unguarded.

This time we found the problem at the Garrett Morgan plant near Edgwater Park.

On September 11, 2013 we found the same thing at the Kirtland Water plant.

Much of northeast Ohio gets its drinking water from the Cleveland Water department, and the system has invested big bucks in Homeland Security to protect the water system.

Yet this weekend at Garrett Morgan, we found a main gate heavily damaged and nothing but cones and caution tape blocking the entrance.

Last year at Kirtland, we found a gate kept open by a cone.

In the latest case, a truck hit the gate last week, and the entrance has been unguarded for days.

And we're told a security camera saw our photographer taking pictures, yet no one came to stop confront him.

Water Department top brass is investigating.

"After the first story, we made it clear, anytime a gate is inoperable, someone needs to be there 24-7, so we're gonna take a step back,  take a detailed look at it, and get to the bottom of those questions," said Water Dept. spokesman Jason Wood.

A guard is now stationed at that gate 24/7.

The last gate cost $68,000 to repair.

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