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Movie set excitement continues for downtown pedestrians

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Fire and explosions on the set today Fire and explosions on the set today

Cleveland commuters may be upset about the movie filming, but many others are excited about the movie magic in our backyard. 

"I want to see the bus blow up, I want to see the gun shots, I want to see everything!" one pedestrian exclaimed.  "It's interesting. I want to see Captain America!"

The West Shoreway doubled as a Hollywood stage all day as the crew of the new Captain America movie continued filming right in front of eager film fans.

"I studied film in college, did a bit of it," said another passerby. "Way back in the 90s when they filmed a few movies here I worked on those. It's very interesting."

Some onlookers had no idea what they had chanced upon.

"As we were driving around looking for parking my wife heard gunshots and explosions. We looked over and that's when we saw the set. "

A family visiting from Kentucky came to Cleveland to soak it all in with their budding movie star.

"We just heard gunshots from the movie, heard people shooting.  Fabian wants to be an actor, he's already taking acting classes. We're actually over here so he can check out things, see how things go in the movies."

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