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Editorial: Carmageddon

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The traffic nightmare for west side commuters these last several days--- results from one of the most boneheaded decisions ever made by the mayor of a major American city. 

It was Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson who ultimately had to approve shutting down the west shoreway for two weeks to accommodate Hollywood filmmakers at the expense and inconvenience of some 36,000  disgruntled commuters.

Incredibly though, when asked last Friday by reporter Carl Monday why he allowed the shoreway shutdown, Mayor Jackson replied, "you'll have to ask the movie people."  

The decision and the timing….simultaneous with summer road construction throughout the area…is even more inexplicable because there is absolutely no evidence that the city gets any meaningful financial benefit from the movie being shot here.

When asked repeatedly for an itemized accounting of how much the studio is spending and who locally is benefiting city officials can't provide answers.  

Are the people who run Cleveland so star struck they're willing to close down half the city just to meet Scarlett Johansson?  What other reason could there be? 

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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