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Shoreway closure costing commuters money and time

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Traffic back-ups Traffic back-ups

It's been four business days, we've seen the mess and the stand still traffic that the Shoreway closure has caused, and it's eating your time and money.

"Probably a good solid half hour," one driver told us about merging on to I-90 from 176.

For some, the back-ups are adding as much as an hour to drive times.

It just so happens Nationwide Insurance has put out an estimate on how much in gas and time it costs you to be stuck in traffic for an hour.

So what's your guess? The answer...for every hour you're stuck in traffic it costs you about an extra twenty-one bucks.

"," was all one Lakewood driver could say.

So, for all the people who say the movie tie-ups are fine, it's probably because it doesn't affect you.

But we found a lot of people who are affected.

"Driving a gas guzzling SUV that adds up pretty quickly," said one woman who just started a new job downtown.

"It's $4.00 a gallon. And I've been late for work and I lose pay," said another woman who has started taking the Rapid.

"Kind of puts a strap on you, in your pockets and it's inconvenient for you," said yet another woman who just filled up.  

Not only is this traffic situation picking at some commuter's patience, it's weakening their wallets.

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