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Drivers react to eye-popping gas prices

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Many folks are concerned about the steadily rising, eye-popping gas prices in northeast Ohio.

"It's ridiculous.  I just don't understand it why it keeps going up a quarter every other week and drops a couple of pennies.  It makes no sense to me," says Bob Steinmuller.

18-year-old Emma Sullivan believes that by the time she's 30, gas will be $10.

So what can a consumer do to try to save a little on skyrocketing gas costs?

Several drivers are taking advantage of things like their Giant Eagle Fuel Perks.

"I got $1.60 off right now, so I'm getting gas for $2.39 9/10," says one Giant Eagle shopper.

Bob, another customer, said, "Well, it's going to save $2.20 cents on the gallon, so I get 30 gallons.  $1.20 a gallon.  It works."

Gas prices in Ohio jumped above $4 a gallon this week over concerns about refinery problems in the Great Lakes region.  And the rise is taking a toll.

"I think they're killing me.  I have a total of $35 a week in gas money and as you can see even with my Fuel Perks I'm above that this week which means my grocery money goes down," says Betsie Zneda.

That's real life pain at the pump.  And a lot of folks are feeling it.  Some just try to grin and bear it.

Liam Higgins summed the situation up in a few candid sentences.

"I don't complain about it because why?  I'm not going to change it so why should I complain about it.  If it's $4 or $8, you're going to have to buy it anyways.

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