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Community Pools: $taying cool comes with a price

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School is out and kids are jumping into community pools, but, it all comes at a price. The cost to keep the facilities open for some cities is just too much.

"When you have to make a choice of either having your streets plowed for safety on pool for fun recreational use. You have to go with the safety," says Judean Banker, Willoughby Recreation Director.@

Banker, the city's Recreation Director, says both of their pools are open, but the city's budget last year did take a hit.  "We were about $75,000 short. The revenue that we collected was $275,000 and two thirds of it went to salaries of our pool staff."

Eastlake pool this summer is closed. Now Kathy Mandato is forced to bring her eight grandkids to Willoughy pools. You can blame it on budget issues.

"It cost me more money to bring the grandkids here but they have to swim somewhere," says Kathy.

Ben Boka and his family live in Willoughby Hills. That city along with Kirtland and Kirtland Hills have a contract that allows residents to receive Willoughby rates.

"We get our moneys worth out of the pools. The number of times we do come out in the summer. So far it's cost effective," says Ben.

But when it starts costing cities too much to keep pools open then swimmers will have to find somewhere else to take a dive.

Willoughby officials say any loss in revenue they may have is covered by their general fund. Officials go over their budget starting in November and finalize it in April.

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