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Helpful tools for women: Panic alarm and pepper spray

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A panic alarm and pepper spray are tools to help protect women like Connie Hall who's been living in the Mount Pleasant community near 93rd and Harvard for five years.

The 56-year old grandmother lives just feet from where a woman was found dead in an abandoned home and just blocks away from where two other women were killed in recent months.

"Ever since this stuff happened everybody looks like a murderer to me," says Connie Hall.

Hall says she's ready to take precautions when it comes to her safety. "Because I'm sure no matter how crazy they are, if they hear this, if they know somebody's armed with something they may just leave them alone."

"The bottom line is keeping our women safe," says Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed.

Reed is teaming up with the Mount Pleasant community zone and Walmart to hand out nearly 250 self protection devices to women who sign up for a safety class.

"The bottom line is keeping our women safe. We're not going to be on the defensive anymore. We're taking this to the offensive. They come after us. We're going to come after them now," says Reed.

Giving women in this community power to protect themselves from potential predators, something Connie Hall says gives her some peace of mind.

"Because so many things are happening. You know, I mean kids disappearing. You know grownups disappearing. It's crazy," says Hall.

Classes are already filling up for the July 13th class. Reed says women from other cities are even calling. 

To sign up for a class at the Mount Pleasant community zone at 11019 Kinsman Road call 216-752-3492.

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