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Fuel Saver: Cost cutting car to hit the market soon

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Elio, car of the future Elio, car of the future

Greg Babics is tired of taking a hit at the pump especially with gas prices going up and down.

So now this Lorain resident is in the market for a cost saving car.

"I live in Lorain and I work in Cleveland. I spend a lot of money on gas so I'm looking for something like this for my drive back and forth to work," says Greg Babics.

Babics is checking out the Elio. The unique ride gets 84 miles per gallon on the highway. The car is the result of the company's CEO being fed up with fuel costs.

"All the jobs in our country were leaving. We were putting tons of money in our gas tank that was going overseas and he kept getting madder and madder about it," says Babics.

The Elio seats two passengers. Costs about $30 to fill up, and will run you less than $7,000.

The car comes with three airbags, power windows, door locks, heating, air and a radio -- and there's even still room for a small trunk.

Lewis Larkien meantime, takes the bus to get around. He tells us he hasn't had a car in seven years and says the Elio is something he might consider.

"I don't need a huge car. If I was gonna get a car which I may, this would be right up the alley," says Larkien.

Babics is sold on the idea of downsizing his ride to save money because he say gas prices are just going to get worse.

"This might be the answer to the problem we have," says Babics.

The car is still in the prototype stage. They hope to have it available to the public sometime next summer.

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