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Plans underway to memorialize the Imperial Avenue victims

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"Dream Keeper'" "Dream Keeper'"
"'Still I Rise" "'Still I Rise"
"Our Father Who Art in Heaven" "Our Father Who Art in Heaven"

They call themselves the Imperial Coalition.

They are comprised of the sisters or daughters killed by Anthony Sowell at his home on Imperial Avenue.

19 Action News reporter Dan DeRoos spent some time with Joann Moore who's sister, Janice Webb, was one of the 11 murdered.  

"Have you been to that site yet," DeRoos asked?  "No, have not. Not since it all happened no. I have no reason to go there," answered Moore.

The group would like to build a memorial. Someplace, other than a grave site, to remember the 11.   That's why, even here, there are still tears.

"It's been a process, it's been a very long process. From trial to here. So hopefully we can all have some closure," explained Moore.

It's taken a year and a half to get here. The result: three final designs. One with a mosaic tile walk with 11 lights, called 'Dream Keeper'.

Another one is just a simple walking path surrounding 11 trees. It's called 'Still I Rise,' based on a Maya Angelou poem.

The final design, called 'Our Father Who Art in Heaven' has a mix of walking paths and sculptures.

Thursday's meeting was suppose to result in one design. A task proving difficult. There are aspects they like, some they don't. So they'll meet again in a few weeks to see maybe a combination of all three.

"Once it goes up whatever design they come up with, once it goes up, I may visit one time and never go back," explained Moore.

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