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43 Forum:The Achievement Centers for Children

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The Achievement Centers for Children were established in 1940, originally to help children that were crippled.  Many of the children being helped by the centers when they began had polio or required cardiac care.

Over the years, children's needs change but the mission of The Achievement Center for Children fundamentally remains the same, and that is to enable and empower children with disabilities and their families grow, learn, play and prepare for lifelong achievement in society.

The centers do this by offering a variety of programs with expertise in a wide range of areas supporting a various disabilities. Some services include early detection, life skills, socialization, educational services, parenting resources, recreational services, and therapies for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

In terms of educational services, The Achievement Centers for Children is an alternative public school site offering preschool and kindergarten through 6th grade full day classrooms for children with autism. This school is reporting wonderful results.

The Achievement Centers offer camps and sporting activities. Children are encouraged, regardless of their disability, to participate. Every child is seen to have potential and supported to do their personal best. For some this might be taking that first step to participate.

The Achievement Centers for Children is holding their 23rd annual A Most Excellent Race, Sunday, June 23rd at Beaumont School in Cleveland Heights. It starts at 8:30 am with their Camp Cheerful Classic, which is where the kids from camp run the Beaumont track and all the runners and walkers line up and cheer them on followed by a 5K & 10K run, and a 5K family walk in support of their camp.

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