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Lifebanc Lesson: Importance of going green

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19 Action News is going green for Lifebanc and one local couple is showing us why it is so important.

When you lose your home to a fire it can take years to rebuild. When you lose children in that fire -- it can take a lifetime.

Roschelle West Ogbuji and her husband lost three girls back in December of 2007.

"We had sitters and the girls my three girls were succumb by smoke inhalation," said Roschelle West Ogbuji.

Imose was six, Chika two and Anya who was 14 months survived three days in the hospital. It was just enough time for Roschelle to experience a second life changing moment.

"We needed to make a decision to donate her organs," said Roschelle.

Anaya would be a donor for two young children. Roschelle says they donated five of her organs.

"I was hurting so bad and I felt it there was something I could do to help someone in pain. I did not want them to feel the pain I was feeling. I wanted to do that for someone else," added Roschelle. 

Someone did get Anya's heart which brings comfort to Rochelle. And while she will never forget Imose , Chika and Anya she knows donating Anya's organs to Lifebanc -- gave her back her life.

"You can get through any tragedy any situation that might bring you pain, if there is a level of hope. And I would say that's what my daughters give me," said Roschelle.

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