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LeBron drops "F" bomb on reporters

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Miami, FL (WOIO) - After dropping 37 on the Spurs in Game 7, and racking up his second straight NBA title, not to mention his second straight Finals MVP Award, LeBron dropped an "F" bomb on the media. During the locker room celebration, the best player on the planet dropped the facade, and told the reporters who were crashing the party to "get the f%*k out of my face...I'll talk to you at the podium". Classy. I mean, I get why he wanted them to clear out. This was the Heat's moment. But there had to be a better way to say it. And this is the guy Magic Johnson said is the "face of the league" last night? Yikes.

LeBron's performance in Game 7 was epic. 37 points, tying him for the most points by a winning player in Finals history, and it took the other guy, Tommy Heinsohn of the Celtics, two overtimes back in the day to get his 37. But again, you knew you were gonna get between 30 and 40 from LeBron. That wasn't the difference in this game.

Battier being better than Green was. Wade being better than Parker was. Yes, the Spurs got 18 from Manu Ginobli, but that was the ugliest 18-pt performance in recent memory.

I picked the Spurs to win because I assumed somebody would step up and help Duncan, who went for 24 and 12, but needed 26, as his final-minute attempt at a game-tying tip-in just missed. Nobody did. That, more than anything else, is why the Heat were celebrating on Thursday, and at least one of them, their MVP, chose a classless way to make sure they celebrated alone.

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