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Valet gouging near Cleveland's new Convention Center?

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Downtown Cleveland has been pretty affordable to park but might that be changing.

The city might be seeing its first side effect to having a brand new convention center.    

We heard a rumor of a brand new, New York sized parking fee at the Marriott hotel right across the street from the convention center.

19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos, with a cell phone camera rolling, went to check it out.

"What if I valet with you?" DeRoos asked the parking attendant. "50 bucks," was his response.

That's right, $50. Now before you swear off the convention center let's explain.

The Marriott appears to be sending a message. Don't valet here unless you're staying here. That $50 valet fee is for people who aren't staying, eating or using the Marriott. Want to valet at the Marriott and walk across the street to the convention center -- you better cough up a half a hundred.

"Why are they doing that?" DeRoos asked the valet. "I don't know but they changed the rates," the attendant replied.

We've put in calls with Marriott corporate for two reasons.

To get their explanation and to congratulate them on instantly becoming the most expensive place to park in downtown.

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