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Tour de France update

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The competition is heating up at the Tour de France as Slovakia rider Peter Sagan smoked the competition to win the seventh stage of the race. In blazing hot temperatures and one of the most hill stricken stages of the competition, Sagan rolled ahead to hold of strong German competitor John Degenkolb to capture his first stage victory of the tour. With the victory, Segel holds off German rider Andre Griepel who follows closely in points for the competitions green jersey.

Even with the victory, Sagan kept a humble and team-oriented demeanor."I have to say, my team did all the work today, they did a great job," Sagan said. "they showed they are perfectly capable."

As the point spread begins to change and riders show their strengths and weaknesses through the differing layouts of the course, South African rider Daryl Impey has also come to surprise the field this year. On Thursday, Impey kept the Yellow Jersey for yet another stage of the race after taking the Jersey during the fifth stage. Impey is the first South African to ever where the yellow jersey during the tour.

With Impey shocking the world, Sagan building points for the sprinter's jersey and Griepel on his heels it looks like the Tour de France is starting to build some excitement.

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