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Drying out and cleaning up in Barberton

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The city of Barberton is fast at work cleaning up so far about a dozen homes. Most of the mess comes from basements that were flooded last week.

"The first thing to do is call the City of Barberton and tell them what you are going through.  They ask you to send in pictures of your damage and we will come out and check it out and take care of it," said Erika Phares of Cardinal Group.

Over at Barberton High School flood waters roared through and street sweepers are still hard at work.

Over at M&C Mobile Village last week one street was flooded and so were parked cars in front of homes.

You can still see the flood water height on the sides of mobile homes and the dirt carried in by the rising water.

"It was bad that lady over there her car is in the repair shop right now her car was flooded so bad she  couldn't get inside," said resident Mark Lilly.

If you need help cleaning up your home, please call the city of Barberton.

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