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19 Action News Gets Action for Homeowners in North Ridgeville

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North Ridgeville trees North Ridgeville trees

The sound of chainsaws is something people who live along Moss Meadow Lane in North Ridgeville have been hearing a lot of lately.

Homeowners have been barking back at the city since receiving certified letters right before the fourth of July.  In the letter, they were told the trees on their tree lawn needed to be removed because they were a safety hazard.  

Homeowners were given fifteen days to get rid of the dead trees or they were threatened with fines and even jail time.

"Fifteen days wasn't enough time to give people notice and then threaten them with incarceration," says Jim Messenheimer.

Barbara Huddleston says her summer vacation was ruined, and she says she injured herself moving the wood chips left behind.

"I couldn't go see my mom and dad in Michigan because I had to take care of trees," says Huddleston.

For seniors, removing the trees was an unexpected expense that they couldn't afford.

What makes things worse is that the trees aren't even on their properties, but a city ordinance says homeowners are responsible for maintaining their right of way and their portion of the street, even if it is city property.

"It should have been the city taking care of city property - not us!" adds Huddleston.

In the end, 19 Action News got action, and Ron's Tree Works in Olmsted Falls stepped up to the plate - removing the trees for a fraction of what the true cost would have been.

"They were so nice and polite and lowered their prices hundreds for these people, and they were really nice," says Messenheimer. 

Problem solved, but not forgotten.  Huddleston says she's considering a lawsuit, and many of her neighbors say they will now work to get the city ordinance changed.

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