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Young cancer patient's request for pizza goes viral

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People sent a lot of love in the direction of a little girl battling cancer at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. 

But that's not all they sent.

Hazel Hammersley is in the hospital, undergoing chemotherapy. She and her mom posted a sign in her window at children's hospital saying, "send pizza room 4112," just to see what would happen.

She received dozens of pizzas and her story's gone viral.

"She woke up from her nap to the tons of pizza in a room and she thought it was great. She ended up having three slices and had a party for all of her friends. There was music playing. She had a great time," Hazel's mother Lauren Hammersley.

Hazel is undergoing chemo to shrink a tumor found wrapped around her adrenal gland. Once it shrinks, she'll have surgery to remove it.  

If you'd like to support the little girl, her Facebook page is Hope for Hazel.

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